Explosive Documentary on KPMG Tax Deals

On Friday, March 3 at 9pm local time, CBC’s Fifth Estate will broadcast a documentary that is a damning indictment of the abuse of the tax system by the wealthy, the powerful and the criminal. This piece of investigative journalism drives home the need for the Canadian government to investigate KPMG and other companies that make tax dodging easy and lucrative.

The piece is a follow up to last year's expose of KPMG's Isle of Man Tax scheme.  The Parliamentary Finance Committee called a special hearing into tax havens after the story first broke.  However during the proceedings,  KPMG lawyers scared the committee into issuing a gag order on the very day C4TF and other tax experts were to testify at those hearings on the KPMG Isle of Man tax scheme.

"It was a frustrating and surreal experience," says Dennis Howlett, executive director of Canadians for Tax Fairness.  "If Justin Trudeau and his government are committed to a fair tax system, they have to deal with the very real fact that Canada has a two-tier system that favours the very wealthy and the people who they hire to help them send money offshore." 

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