The Case of the Missing CRA Papers

Want to know more about the secret deal between the Canada Revenue Agency and KPMG that exempted some of their tax dodging clients from fines or prosecution?

Sorry, those documents are missing.

CBC News is reporting that their persistent attempts to see the correspondence that led to a sweetheart deal for KPMG clients involved in the accounting giant's  Isle of Man scheme have revealed that email correspondence has been deleted.

Just imagine what would happen if you told the CRA that you no longer have documents to substantiate your tax claims.  

These new revelations call into question a review of the decision that the CRA asked Dalhousie law professor Kim Brooks to conduct.  Turns out she never saw those emails and perhaps didn't think to ask for correspondence that would have explained why the CRA decided to offer KPMG clients what amounts to an amnesty.

"If all the facts weren't on the table for that review then it is time to make that right and call a further investigation," says Canadians for Tax Fairness executive director Dennis Howlett.