A Birthday Message to Google

Dear Google,

Happy 18th Birthday! You've become an intrinsic part of our lives - from finding recipes, settling arguments, getting places - and even fact-checking tax fairness issues.

But here's the thing. It is time to grow up and start paying your taxes. Don't be that entitled kid who raids the refrigerator, empties the gas tank, tears up the roads and expects everyone else to pay the bills.

Remember when you were little and you used to say "Don't Be Evil" ? That made you a special kind of kid. You've changed that lately to "Do The Right Thing". So we're telling you that the right thing is to pay your share - be an example for other start ups coming behind you. Make the world a better place.

We understand that it is tempting to think that rules aren't meant for you because you are clever and so many people like you. And you know, some rules are made to be broken or changed. But the spirit of the law is that everyone pays their share so we can be healthy, safe, educated - and that the kids who aren't as fortunate as you can have a chance to succeed as well. Acting badly until you get caught and then making people spend a lot of valuable resources making you do the right thing is just not how it should be done. And you've got to stop saying that you do dishonorable things because others are also doing it. That's not how it works. So think about where you are going and how you want to get there. We're counting on you.

Your friends,

Canadians for Tax Fairness

ps. If Google won't listen, try sending this email to our Prime Minister, Finance Minister and your MP. Tell them to modernize the rules so that digital giants pay taxes on profits made in Canada.