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Corporate Canada's $199 Billion Secret

Luxembourg has been a prime destination for Canadians looking for a tax haven.
Secretive. Discreet. Accommodating.
These features were so attractive that Canadian companies had $36 Billion there in 2013. That's just part of the $199 billion corporate Canada has shifted to the top ten tax havens to avoid paying tax at home. It may profit CEOs and stockholders. The rest of us are getting pretty fed up.  


Joe Oliver's Big Idea: Leave it for the GrandKids to Clean Up

When did federal budgets and economic policy stop being about vision and stewardship and turn into a free for all about who “wins” and who “loses”?  And since when is it good leadership to leave it for our grandkids to clean up the mess we make in the name of balancing a budget?



Four Reasons Why Regular Folk Think Budget 2015 Is Stacked Against Them

It is no surprise that taxpayers feel the system is stacked against them. Over the years, leaders of all political stripes have used tax fairness as a slogan and not a principle. Will Budget 2015 be any different? Not likely. That's a shame.  Because while hard-working Canadians are the engine that drives the country, smart tax policy is the fuel that keeps it going. 



Musings of a Former Tax Collector

May Hen is currently a research associate at the Centre for Policy Research at Simon Fraser University. But in her previous work life she was one of Canada's  11,512 tax collectors at the Canada Revenue Agency. As tax our tax filing deadline and the Federal Budget approach it got her to thinking about how our tax system should be serving Canadians.  


World Social Forum: Another Way is Possible

The World Social Forum kicks off in Tunis today. Activists will be debating and strategizing how to change a global economic system that benefits a few thousand people who own more wealth than the rest of the world combined. Here is a guest blog from the Director of Oxfam, International Winnie Byanyima.


Tax Reform: Federal Leaders Don't Get It.

Canada is a wealthy country.  But wealth guarantees neither brains nor prosperity. The squandered opportunity of Canada’s resources and a delayed federal budget because of a dip in oil prices is a sad reminder of that.

The upcoming federal election is an opportunity to take stock and look for strong leadership on fiscal issues that go beyond the failed attempts at so-called austerity and boutique tax cuts. Canadians need to press political leaders to take a real stand on tax reform. 


Myths and Legends: Tories As Good Fiscal Managers

Like Alberta, the federal government’s fiscal health is now handcuffed to oil prices to a degree that we’ve never seen before. It’s the opposite of ‘sound fiscal management’ — it’s loose math based on wishful thinking. Veteran journalist and political observer Chris Waddell tells us why - and it isn't pretty.   


Why We Hate Taxes: And Why We Shouldn't

A conversation about taxes is inevitably a conversation about the kind of Canada we want but also about the kind of Canada we think is possible. Today we reap the benefits of public services built by previous generations more willing to pay taxes. But what will we be passing on to future generations? In the name of austerity we put off investments critical to our future. We also put off the maintenance of our existing infrastructure, our schools and hospitals, roads and bridges, the worst kind of false economy, passing on even more expensive problems to future governments, future generations, jeopardizing our economic performance, and exposing citizens to avoidable health and safety risks.



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