I Am Voting for Tax Fairness

Party Leaders

We need your help to make sure tax fairness is a key issue in the upcoming federal election.

Send an email to party leaders asking them to commit to tax fairness policies in their election platforms.

Federal revenue as a share of the national economy has fallen to the lowest level in over 70 years. $50 billion has been cut from the federal budget since the year 2000.

Without tax fairness, no party that forms a government will be able to do much to fix Canada or address challenges like poverty, climate change, aboriginal justice, and our crumbling infrastructure.

Party leaders need to be asked to spell out how they will pay for the promises they make.

Please send them a message, telling them you plan to vote for tax fairness and asking them why you should vote for them.

(You can send the suggested message below, which you can edit, or you can write your own.)

Send a message to our party leaders.