Alternative Federal Budget, 2015

Are you fed up with a lopsided tax system that benefits the really rich? Don't buy the line that we can't afford quality social programs? We know there is another option.

I worked with the folks at the Alternative Federal Budget to come up with a plan for the rest of us. 

Take a look at the Alternative Federal Budget 2015. And in particular, the Tax Chapter of the 2015 AFB. I think you will be inspired. It is financially sound, grounded in compassion and designed to boost employment.

And it shows that we can begin repairing the damage the Harper Conservatives have done to our economy, society and economy without raising taxes on most Canadians.

Now we need to convince politicians from all parties to start implementing these proposals.

Please take a moment to sign and send. And pass it along to your colleagues and neighbours.

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Send a message to your MP now. It is time to rebuild Canada.