Toronto Star Calls for Tax Haven Crack Down

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Today's Toronto Star editorial is calling for Canada's federal government to crack down on tax haven use by corporations and wealthy Canadians.

Questioning whether "the most affluent among us are carrying their fair share of the burden," The Star presents hunting down tax dodgers as a better solution for tackling Canada's $20 billion deficit than continuing with a failed austerity program of slash-and-burn spending cuts and public sector layoffs.

Canadians for Tax Fairness---who have been ruthlessly campaigning against tax havens since July 2012---receives a prominent mention by The Star's editorial board, underlining the organization's rising status as strong and credible leading voice on tax justice issues here in Canada. 

"Canadians for Tax Fairness, a group that campaigns for sharing the burden equitably," The Star writes, "estimates that affluent Canadians have pumped $160 billion into offshore havens, avoiding nearly $8 billion in taxes annually."

Read the full article here:

Cracking down on offshore tax dodgers should be budget priority: Editorial