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Toronto Star Calls for Tax Haven Crack Down

Today's Toronto Star editorial is calling for Canada's federal government to crack down on tax haven use by corporations and wealthy Canadians.

Questioning whether "the most affluent among us are carrying their fair share of the burden," The Star presents hunting down tax dodgers as a better solution for tackling Canada's $20 billion deficit than continuing with a failed austerity program of slash-and-burn spending cuts and public sector layoffs.

Tax us if you can: Tax Justice Network takes aim at Tax Havens and Global Offshore Industry

Canada's parliamentary finance committee will commence hearings on tax havens this Tuesday.

Our politicians might be well-served reading Tax Justice Network's latest report: Tax Us If You Can.

The report focuses on the growth of a "culture of tax abuse" and a "collapse of tax revenues," largely attributed to unprecedented levels of capital flight, tax evasion and avoidance, and tax competition in recent years.

Provinces losing tax dollars to tax havens

Canadians for Tax Fairness and Nova Scotians for Tax Fairness will be holding a Press Conference in Room Windsor 1 at the Prince George Hotel at 1725 Market Street in Halifax, at 10:00am to 11:00am on Friday, November 23, to address their request that the Premiers support the “Bring our Tax Dollars Home” campaign.

This initiative targets the use of Tax Havens, by some Canadians, to hide their wealth and to avoid federal and provincial taxation.