Tell Harper to Support the G8 Tax Haven Action Plan

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Finally — The world is coming together to tackle tax havens.

On June 17-18, 2013, world leaders are gathering for the G8 Summit in Ireland. Developing an international strategy to crack down on tax havens is at the top of the agenda.

UK PM David Cameron has put forward an action plan that is going to rip apart the culture of secrecy that keeps tax havens in business. Here are the two key points:

(1) Disclosure of the real names of the true beneficial owners of accounts, trusts and companies held in tax havens;
(2) Automatic information sharing so cross-border transactions to offshore financial centres are held to the same level of scrutiny and transparency we expect back home.

These two measures alone will help restore the global flow of money back to home countries where it belongs. The impact will be significant. We’ll see public revenues increase and that will help us pay down our debts, reinvest in public services and infrastructure and inject new blood into our struggling economies.

World leaders are lining up behind Cameron’s plan. But no one’s really sure where Stephen Harper stands.

Harper claims that no one’s ever done more to fight tax havens than his government. But this is same government that rejected calls for disclosure of beneficial ownership and automatic information sharing earlier this year in favour of a widely ridiculed ‘1-800 snitch line’ to catch tax dodging banks and corporations.

International observers worry that Harper’s friendly ties with the banking and resource sectors will lead Canada to block Cameron’s tax haven action plan and set the world back years of progress.

We can’t afford to let this happen.

Send a message to Prime Minister Stephen Harper right now. Tell him you want Canada to support Cameron’s plan to disclose the real beneficiaries of offshore entities and an automatic information exchange.

This is a once in a generation window of opportunity. We can’t let this fail.