How Many Tax Dollars are Missing?

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Many G20 nations (including the US, UK, and EU) have published official estimates about the impact of tax havens on their countries. Canada has not.

Statistics Canada points out that nearly a quarter of Canadian overseas investment dollars end up in tax havens and this means tens of billions of dollars in lost tax revenue.

Working and middle-class Canadians can't shoulder the burden of funding our schools, hospitals and infrastructure on our own - we need major corporations, big banks, and the wealthy elite who take advantage of loopholes to pitch in and pay their fair share like the rest of us.

The first step in tackling tax havens is for the Canadian government to publish an official estimate pinning down exactly how many tax dollars are missing, this way the government will have a clear picture when they take up a study of tax havens in 2013.

Let's put pressure on our elected officials to get it right so we can bring our tax dollars home.

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